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The Basic Line is our “start up” in achieving your beauty. It is basically what your skin needs to start the way to a new well-being.


Fir resin and thermal seaweed are two important ingredients always present in our products formula.


Fir resin has very special protective and antiseptic properties.

It creates a film which protects skin without blocking respiration. Your face skin is perfectly protected against pathogen and external climatic agents.

Its very strong antiseptic property, results in bacteria and skin fungus elimination, which can be present on our skin.

It traps it as if it was a piece of amber with an insect inside. The pathogen removal is the result of everyday cleansing.

Recent study have also demonstrated that fir resin has also a significant effect on cells regeneration.

It encourages healing of damaged or compromised tissues.


This are the reasons why our basic line is an ideal ally in the prevention and skin care.


A very important detail is that this resin is harved by hand without causing any damage to the mother plant, in the absolute respect of its ripening season, April and May.


The thermal seaweed present in our formulation, has been identified in sea water. Very rich in minerals and vitamines, they have a regenerating and moisturizing effect.

We have choosen thermal seaweed instead of thermal water because in case of thyroid concerns, seaweed is more likely to create less problems relating to the presence of iodine.


Bormoline Basic Line, like all of our Bormoline products, is parabens free and nichel tested.

Gentle even on very delicate skins.


Result: your skin is immediately balanced.

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