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All Bormoline face skin care products have two elements in common in their formulation: fir resin and thermal seaweed (see Basic Line products).


High Line products in its golden packaging, has a main ingredient which makes it very special: vegetal stem cells.

Stem cells are without any doubt the future as far as medical and biological fields. And a true revolution in cosmetic.

Stem cells have been demonise, disregarded, but they have also been trusted, having seen great improvement of treated skin.

As always, our advice is to experiment and gather information, keeping on reading.

We will provide you with some interesting facts about wonderful results obtained through this innovative active ingredient.


Let's talk about selection. As for each individual ingredient, quality makes the difference. When observing I.C.I., which indicates ingredients in a cosmetic product, you pay good attention about the origin of such elements. You look for and choose natural ingredients.

Artificial raw materials created in laboratory, have usually the same effects of natural ones, but in a  long term can produce unpredictable collateral effects.

Have you ever wonder why all of a sudden and in an inexplicable way, some of the most effective products, made by very famous brands, disappear from the market?

There is always a reason why, but we discover it years later.

And it is probably because of the side effects due to chemical ingredients, which at the beginning were not considered very harmful, but in the long term became damaging.

We do not  have to be too much fussy, though. We should take advantage of chemistry in order to improve our life style without completely excluding the advantages that such science can offer us.


Talking about sources, Bormoline vegetal stem cells are extracted from marine fennel, which is an evergreen plant which grows near the sea and on cracking of rocks. Its most important feature is that it is very resistant againts all atmospheric agents with which it comes in contact with.

This power is osmotically transferred into our skin, every time we use a cosmetic product containing stem cells.

Our tissues acquire marine fennel stem cells genetic properties, as far as energy and firmness.


How technically stem cells work.


Stem cells have no specific shape. For example, an embryo inside a maternal womb is practically made of stem cells only. While growing, shapeless cells become integral part of different tissues (bones, nerves, muscles, skin, etc.). DNA informations, direct them so that this cells transform in all different organs.

At the end of gestation, when a baby is  born, tissues are very rich in stem cells. This make cells turnover much more rapid (see step 1). This is the reason why newborn babies skin is very soft and smooth, pratically perfect, as it constantly and frequently renews itself.

As age advances, the speed with which old cells renew themselves into new ones, progressively decreases.

Vegetal stem cells have the same morphology as animal stem cells.

The only difference is their biologic nature. The energy they transmit to tissues is the same.

The final effect is a complete awakening of our skin stem cells functionality which placed next to new and young cells , even if from a different origin, become very strong allies towards reparation, regeneration and fight against time.

The new active sap restore our skin cells strenght, which produces new collagene,  new elastin and new energy at endogenous level.

Our cells fill up with nourishing elements, mainly water, vitamines and mineral salts, and they reactivate interactions with the outside world, letting oxygen through the skin.


Result: our skin is repaired, regenerated, smooth and energized.

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