Step 2 Stem Cells

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Step 2 Stem Cells

( 3 reviews )

€ 106,50

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This is the most performing Step of the whole Bormoline line: Step 2 High Stem Cells. A product that be used by everyone, at any age and with any type of skin.
It moisturizes, treats, repairs, slows down the aging process, improves the external appearance of the skin and also supports the internal "work". It is a real shock for the skin. Customers who use it are really struggling to suspend their use.
The strength of Step 2 Stem is the perfect balance between its ingredients that makes it a perfect cosmetic for the skin, at 360 degrees.
The heart of the product lies in the most revolutionary cosmetic innovation of recent times: the VEGETAL STEM CELLS (see High line introduction). Thanks to their "intelligence", Step 2 stem cells, activates its functions according to the needs of the skin on which it  penetrates.
The skin is immediately smoother, full, hydrated. Wrinkles are reduced and if not present, they are prevented. The complexion improves its brightness, the redness fades.
Step 2 High Stem Cells is the non plus ultra for irritable skin. The lamellar structure of which the plant stem cells are made is perfect for the repairing effect of damaged tissues and for preserving them if fragile. The little blades get through the splits of the "broken" skin, immediately creating a continuous and healthier surface. This allows the epidermis to defend itself better from the entry of unpleasant "guests" coming from outside (bacteria, smog, fine particles, etc.).
The PROPOLIS present in the formulation guarantees the choice of bacterial flora, eliminating the one of bad origin and keeping alive what the one needed for the perfect balance of the skin.
The LIQUORICE instead, with its anti-redness effect, is ideal in inflammatory processes. Helps to calm and decongest.
And on stronger skins? HYALURONIC ACID takes over. Enhanced and supported by the energy action of stem cells, gives our face a full look (like a freshly picked apple!) Because it retains water and swells the expression lines up to the wrinkles of medium and high depth.
After the treatment with Step 2 High Stem Cells you immediately feel the sensation of freshness and dynamism. The skin is immediately luminous, smooth and balanced.
But how and when to apply Step 2 High Stem Cells?
Step 2 Stem is a product that can be used in many ways.
Before deciding how to use it at its best, it is necessary to spend a minute observing, feeling  the sensations and listening of our skin. To do this, just stand in front of the mirror and follow our instructions:
-  wash your face as you are used to, as you normally do every day
- carefully dry your skin and wait 10 seconds before applying any product and during this precious time, let's get closer to the mirror and try to see if on our face there are any clearly visible red or purple capillaries (blotches), oblique lines (like lines that appear on dehydrated fruits) and we try to feel if on any part of our face have the sensation of skin that "pulls".
Once we have collected these small but fundamental information, we can choose how to use our Step 2 Stem.
YES clearly visible capillaries (red or purple), YES oblique lines, YES feeling of dryness:
Your skin is probably very fragile, with special need and that easily becomes red. Use Step 2 Stem as a serum. 3 or 4 drops before your Step 3 on the entire face, neck and cleavage. Pay attention and apply the product very well in all areas where blotches are present. In this way, it will be a panacea for the inflammation.
YES capillaries in evidence, YES oblique lines, NO sensation of dryness:
apply 2 drops of Step 2 Stems only on areas with highlighted capillaries and where you see oblique lines of dehydration. Proceed with your Step 3.
YES capillaries in evidence, YES oblique lines, NO sensation of dryness:
apply 2 drops of product on the entire face, neck and cleavage, taking care to make it penetrate very well where blotches are present.
NO capillaries in evidence, NO oblique lines, NO sensation of dryness:
apply 2 or 3 drops of Step 2 High Stem Cells on the entire face, neck and cleavage.
For maximum tolerability, the formulation of Step 2 Stem has been conceived without thickeners so the product is divided into 2 phases: one white and one orange. It is therefore always necessary to shake it before use.
Step 2 Stem is a product that can be used daily, or as a special treatment (weekly after Step 1) or occasionally as an SOS product (in cases of sunburn, erythema, after epilation, after shaving).
REMEMBER: healthy skin also means skin which is much more responsive to external stimuli. Skin products will therefore work better.
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