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Here is the perfect Bormoline product for the skin that does not tolerate even the slightest “invasion”.
A fluid-gel with a fresh texture that does not forget to be technically an ally in fighting any imperfections.
Dedicated for skins that produce sebum, it is the ideal product for those who can not stand the application of cosmetic products that deprive the epidermis of its right balance.
As per Bormoline tradition, it contains active ingredients of natural origin.
The main component is based on VEGETAL STEM CELLS (see the High line introduction).
Discovered as a revolution in cosmetic technology, stem cells accelerate the timing in achieving results, by awakening the mechanisms of cell reproduction and inducing our epidermal cells to create new collagen and elastin.
Result: the skin is firmer, healthier, brighter and smoother in a small amount of  time.
The presence of GINSENG is very important to carry out a stimulating action of the metabolism of the epidermal tissue (practically the cells of our skin "eat" better and faster). Giving tone to the muscular and nervous system of the skin, invigorates the appearance of our face.
PHANTENOL and BORAGE OIL are extremely effective in preventing and treating skin irritations. Their precious presence makes Step 3 Fresh a product that can also be used on sensitive and reactive skins.
The first element acts by creating a protective barrier between delicate skin and irritating external agents while from the inside it promotes skin regeneration; the second element calms any blush immediately and if blushes are not present, it prevents them.
ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OIL makes Step 3 Fresh an ideal product to treat even rich skin, as it effectively activates blood circulation.
When well stimulated, blood circulation gives our face, as it does to our body, the ability to better discharge toxins and excesses of sebum production. The cells will be more "slim" and will make it less difficult to interact with external stimuli, giving our face an energizing and healthy look!
Rosemary oil also have an excellent antiseptic effect.
When using our Step 3 Fresh, the presence of HYALURONIC ACID guarantees the perfect hydration of the skin.
Thanks to the large size of its molecules, it is not absorbed by the skin immediately after application, but forms an invisible and slightly permeable film, in which water is retained as it were a sponge. The effect is that the outer layers of our skin are watered and therefore our appearance improves, while deep or less deep wrinkles are smoothed by the presence of water.
ECHINACEA EXTRACT: ensures the improvement of small imperfections of the skin (cracks, small wounds, slight burns) and strengthens the immune system of the skin, allowing Step 3 Fresh to also have an excellent preventive action on any damage caused by external or internal agents .
What about DIAMOND POWDER? It acts as an excellent antioxidant, fighting against free radicals which are responsible for our aging. Its microspheres give a special light to the face. This makes Step 3 Fresh a perfect primer.
But how and when to use Step 3 Fresh?
Step 3 Fresh is a fluid-gel, to be applied on  face, neck and cleavage, until completely absorbed.
You can use it alone or after applying a few drops of Step 2 Stem to the part on your face where you feel the sensation of "pulling" skin.
It is a 24h product, but can become a day cream for mixed or rich skins, in particularly hot periods.
Excellent after-sun product.
Remember: Guide your skin towards the right path, not the easiest one. The speed with which you will reach the results you want will surprise you!
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