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Bormoline is a new brand, fresh but with a lot of experience. Labs, researchers, graphics, partners: a team always looking to the future. The leader group is composed by three members but we can count on many great partners.

Great energy and good will are the fundamental ingredients of this brand.

Everything strictly Made in Italy.


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Hi, I'm Enrico Bormolini, born on 21/01/1978.

I'm always thinking about nature and I think that everything we produce is freely available thanks to Mother Nature.
I love the sun and and walking in not crowded places to feel nature's calling around me: the rustle of leaves, the rain, the wind, a mountain stream and the sea.
It's important for me waking up in the right way to seize the day. After getting up, I kiss my kids and leave the house and I look for positive people that can give me a great charge to start the day in the best way.
During the years I have achieved great experience in the cosmetic field thanks to extremely capable people that helped and taught me throught my path. Each of them gave me a bit of their knowledge and expertise that I've always cherished.
I didn't finish high school but I like to keep myself always updated regarding everything about the business world, so today I am owner and managing director of two companies.
In Bormoline I coordinate and manage every economic and marketing operation. I work with two guardian angels: Emy and Francesca and this is the exciting part of my job. With them I share hopes and goals and together I know we can face great challenges and get incredible results.
I deeply love my family, unity is the key to face hard times with the woman I love and chose to be there during this path called life. I promised her and my kids to travel the world to discover amazing places.
My parents taught me great values I cherish every day. They were always there to help me when I needed them. I will always be thankful and I wish them the best, great health and endless love.
A big thank you goes to my great coach Massimo Cavalieri, who always believed in me and was there to support me. 

My philosophy is:  
“Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”
Henry Ford



My name is Emy Gagliardi,

I've been a skin coach since forever.....but I found out only ten years ago.
I've always been keen on chemistry and that's the starting point of my path. The very first person I have to thank is my high school teacher who transmitted her passion for the understanding of the matter.

I'm a dietician and I love following my clients through their ways to obtain excellent results on their skin. I give advice about cosmetics according to the different skin types, together with lifestyle and food tips. I think completeness is the best way to achieve results. 
My University course in Pharmaceutical Chemistry helped me understanding the components of cosmetics and the structure of the skin. This type of formation let me fully understand the ingredients of products and their effects on skin.
Everyday I deal with many people and I'm always willing to figure out their skin problems.

I'm pretty determined and through the years I have learnt to take advantage of my flaws. Everytime I deal with some skin problem...then I must solve it! And most of the times, it's a success!

Meeting Enrico and Francesca was fundamental. Enrico is my life-mate and Francesca my sister in law. We created Bormoline combining our energies and the passion for nature and cosmetics. In Bormoline I am present 360° degrees. Data collecting, organization formation and updating courses, not to mention contact with customers. I'm very proud of my job and the non-stop growth of the company makes me even prouder to be part of this fabulous team.

Love moves the universe, its continuous movement generates positive energy. Love is my source, for my kids, my man, my family, fot the music and the sea. Whenever something goes wrong, I think about them and everything works out!
When I can, I go to Apulia where my backgrouds are and I take Enrico and the kids with me.
I believe life is a continuous surprise, who knows what tomorrow will bring, but I'm ready to figure that out...are you?



My name is Francesca Bormolini and I've been working in cosmetics for more than 20 years and I love dealing with my customers.

Talking about beauty tips and health is an interesting way of sharing life experiences and emotions.

My goal is to make my customers feel good even though is not always easy and sometimes they are the ones who make me feel good!
It makes me happy when they can get a great shopping experience and it's just great when they keep coming back year after year. Their smiles start to look familiar and I can recognize them even if many many people pass through my shop everyday.

This is what I call authenticity and I'm grateful for the time spent together, looking for the right treatment for their skin. It's not only finding the right cream, but for me it means giving support and taking care of ourselves. I want my customers to love themselves more.

During highschool I chose to study art, not so much in common with cosmetics, but thanks to those years I studied the sense of harmony. I attended a course regarding nutrition and a make-up course by BCM Milan concluded successfully with highest honours. Plus I like to keep myself always up-to-date on cosmetics and skin biology.

My role in Bormoline is to collect the customers' needs, basically I connect what my customers want and the final results of our products. In every product there's an answer to one of the customers' requests that I've collected through the years.

My job is the centre of my passions, it lets me be helpful in many ways. I'm very glad to see my customers coming back happy with the advice I gave them.
When I have some time off, I can't wait to go back to my true passion: horses and nature (healthy remedies and good nutrition).

My sons Leonardo and Samuele and my husband Rudy are always there for me and I'm really grateful because I got here thanks to their help and support.

I'm very proud to sell high quality products and I'm very thankful to Emy (my sister-in-law) and my brother Enrico; without them Bormoline won't be here!

A big thank you goes to my parents Baby and Battista, who taught me how to take new challenges and the joy for life, my little sister Veronica who I deeply love and she is the best sister I could ever have.

Well, that's me. I couldn't and wouldn't be concise telling my story. If I'm doing a good job in Bormoline, it's because I'm surrounded by beautiful people who work with me daily.

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