Like Every Fairytale

This one starts like this:

Once upon a time there were a woman, a man, a whole lot of passion and a little bit of luck. We’re at 1.816 meters high, in an enchanting place where nature’s supremacy is still uncontested over the progress of technology and where the weather beats the passing of time. Family and traditions are still a priority over everything else and the 80s revolution hasn’t damaged the natives perspective so far. Everything is people-oriented, faith and trust are very important values, especially here, where nautre rules over everything and sometimes everyday living gets hard and everybody can be of great help to others. This is Livigno, Kingdom of sun and snow. There are two main seasons:

summer is when you can enjoy the intimate contact with nature, you can meet a steinbock in our back yard or watch an edelweiss grow on your balcony. This is where the Alps offer beautiful landscapes of their Majestic and impressive mountains. Take a walk and pick blooming flowers and medical herbs while you breath clean and healthy air. Sit by the creek and drink some clear water and don’t worry, it’s not polluted at all!

And then comes winter, when everything is covered in a white fluffy blanket….soft and peaceful. Ski lovers consider this to be the ultimate entertainment place to be. During the winter season we reach temperatures way below zero and snow stays in a perfect condition from November to May. The only disadvantage in such conditions is that is not always easy to be connected and sometimes it happens to remain isolated for some days because of the snow. Both in summer and winter, Livigno is populated by millions of tourists from all over the world. Like every tourist resort, shopping is a must here. Local people are masters in welcoming tourists with cozy hotels and shops, coziness is what really matters here. Baby and Battista live in this fairy but realistic photograph, together with her determination, his commitment and good will, three kids, a cat, a dog, a couple of horses, a goat and a donkey.

Please meet the Bormolini’s.

Hard work for Baby and Battista is reason of pride. Baby is very into cosmetics and her customers often stop by the store for advice and good chat. Thanks to her guidance and her capacity to mix innoavtion suggested by the biggest brands and mountain traditions, they gained great results. Her grandfather was called “the doctor” around here, he used to walk around with a piece of gentian root in his pocket. He was the one to taught Baby the magical properties of medical herbs, starting from that little piece of wood that was able to solve many problems.
“Let’s experiment, then!”, Baby thinks.

The Lord created a perfect machine called WORLD, where everything is in perfect balance with the elements. Mother Nature gives us everything we need to take care of ourselves, you just need to take a look around and be aware of such richness. Bormoline starts from here. The new generation took over the family’s company and made it a successful, fast-increasing brand. Bormoline relies on a group of great professionals, always up to date with the latest innovations, but always keeping a close contact with nature. The Blind Godness gave us a great gift: to be always in touch with people from all over the world with an enormous number of different requests, most of all regarding the beauty treatments field. Our goal: to turn our customers’ requests into real solutions. And we made it: we created a line of high-quality, innovative and trustworth beauty treatments and products. Our customers keep coming back and that is our most important achievement, meaning that our products are simply helping our customers taking good care of themselves. We are proud to offer a passionate coaching service empahsized by our wish to live a healthier and more natural lilfe, respectful of the world and ourselves. Experience and knowledge to change your skin in one minute. This is our everyday challenge. This is our mission.

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