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You breathe passion and love for your own work. There are a lot of perfumeries in Livigno but the difference between working with the passion and just working can also be seen from a simple good morning.You are fantastic.
A kiss from romagna.😘😘😘Francesca thank you x everything
I am so happy with my new products❤

Lilly Cappelli FB

Thanks to Liliana yesterday I discovered a new product line! She was fantastic, kind, competent and nice! For now I have bought the step 1 and 2 and in January when I'll be back I'll definitely also buy the moisturising cream because after trying it yesterday morning I still feel my skin moisturised but not greasy! Fantastic and refreshing!

Elena Raschini FB

Fantastic products, superb staff...the best perfumery in Livigno...

Federica Rocco FB

I can say that the products are amazing also the shop assistants are very kind and it is worth trying the products that are top notch for us women!

Fabiola Micheletti FB

Bormoline cosmetic line is truly miraculous I didn't believe it but the results are visible right away thank you! !!!!!

Adriana Scomazzon FB

Bormoline products are crazy cool. After training they make your legs look new!!! Absolutely to try!!! I recommend all fellow cyclists to pass through Livigno and look for a Bormoline shop! NO MORE PAIN

Luca Rocchi FB

A safe purchase every year that I come to Livigno I first buy Bormoline products.

Lia Rafanelli FB

Products for all skin types....to try out!!!!!every time I come to Livigno it is a safe purchase!!!

Marilisa Mariani FB

Excellent products and courteous salespeople I will definitely come back next year. Congratulations

Barbara Taucci FB

Hi Francesca I'm Roberta I'm writing this message to thank you for your valuable advice on the cream to use, the two creams of  "Bormoline" step 2 and 3 are really fantastic!!! Tomorrow night I'll also use step 1 I hope to come back to Livigno soon (maybe this winter) and visit you!

Roberta Pagliano


Emy meeting you was a great blessing for me and it was 8 years ago. You were so good at advising me and improving my skin that I chose you and wanted you even on my wedding day! Over the years, my trust in you has been reciprocated thanks to your excellent advice, which I have shared with many friends and relatives who have thanked me after also feeling very very good. Emy meeting you and following your advice was a great blessing!!! Thank you



Vera Scalzilli

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