Refreshing Post-Race

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This is a gel with a very fresh texture that serves to refresh the muscles after a more or less intense physical effort.
It immediately gives a pleasant feeling of lightness to the parts involved in training.
Post Gara Bormoline contains many active ingredients aimed at muscle relaxation.
HYPERICO OIL to which strong soothing properties are attributed.
ARNICA, which has always been known for its soothing power.
Protective and anti-microbial FIR RESIN.
GINSENG EXTRACT with a toning effect on muscles and circulation.
EUCALYPTUS considered one of the elements with the greatest balsamic refreshing effect.
HIPPOCASTANUM EXTRACT which has a vasoconstrictor effect, to restore the capillary vessels to regular volume after physical activity.
The formulation of Post Gara Bormoline is NO DOPING and makes your muscles quickly rested.
But how and when is Post Gara Bormoline used? Use Post Gara after every muscle effort. As with Pre Gara Bormoline, if you need a stronger effect, use more product by applying it several times.
REMEMBER: the freshness effect of Post Gara Bormoline is due to the activity on the muscle. A slight cold sensation may develop after the massage. The decision to avoid a more intense cold sensation is dictated by Bormoline's usual care in preserving capillary fragility.
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