Warmup Pre-Race

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An emulsion designed to prepare muscles for physical activity. Perfect for those who practice competitive activities but also ideal for those who do amateur sports or simple walks.
Why is the same product good in all three cases, even if the intensity of muscle activity differs? The answer is simple: the secret lies in the amount of product used. The greater the effort, the greater the amount of Pre Gara applied.
Pre Gara Bormoline contains top-quality active ingredients such as Devil's Claw extract and emollient factors to facilitate a stimulating and warming massage.
ARNICA, which has been known since antiquity for its soothing properties.
JUNIPER ESSENTIAL OIL which prevents cramps and helps tone and warm the muscle.
GINGER, a great ally for reactivating microcirculation.
HIPPOCASTANE EXTRACT, which helps to increase venous tone, also helping to improve dilated and tortuous varicose veins.
FIR RESIN to create the right protective and antiseptic barrier against external agents.
The formulation of Pre Gara Bormoline is NO DOPING and makes your muscles quickly ready for their maximum performance in activity.
But how and when is Pre Gara Bormoline used? Pre Gara Bormoline gives its maximum effect if applied 30/40 minutes before physical activity with a vigorous massage. Spread the product evenly over the area to be heated and massage until completely absorbed. If necessary, repeat the operation several times.
REMEMBER: the warming effect of Pre Gara Bormoline refers to the product's activity on the muscle. Only a slight warming sensation may develop after the massage. The decision to avoid the sensation of strong heat is dictated by Bormoline's usual care in preserving capillary fragility.
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