Sensitive zone Stick

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Multifunctional stick, protective, soothing, super-moisturizing and effective in relieving congestion.
This product contains a mix of active ingredients very useful to support the skin where more needed.
The PROPOLIS, an extraordinary product of bees that has antibiotic properties. Its presence in our Sensitive Zone Stick, makes it perfect as a coadjuvant in the treatment of local inflammatory conditions (herpes, cracked skin etc). In addition it promotes the absorption of vitamin C important for the internal production of collagen.
The HYALURONIC ACID is a must for an excellent moisturizing action. The molecules of which it is composed retain water, blocking it like a sponge.
This process allows the treated areas to remain hydrated for a long time. Even at low or high temperatures.
The CALENDULA in this formulation, makes our stick very effective in treating local inflammations by calming the redness.
Although not an active ingredient, the PROTECTION +20 of which Stick Sensitive Zone Bormoline is provided is worthy of note. It can also be used as a sunscreen on the skin of very young children.
But how and when to use Stick Sensitive Zone?
The stick can be used generously applying it on areas which need to be protected, calmed or need to be relieved of congestion. Its decongestant properties makes it a perfect eye contour.
It can be used several times a day as a local product, when the skin needs a specific SOS treatment: before sun exposure, after sun exposure, in case of redness (also on the areas around the eyes), in case of dried lips or dried eye contour, herpes, coadjuvant for insect bites.
Always carry it with you!
Remember: If you promptly understand the signals that your skin sends you, you will avoid unpleasant developments.
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