Step 3 Basic Comfort

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€ 63,50

Step 3 Basic Comfort

( 2 reviews )

€ 63,50

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It is a daily regenerating moisturizing cream. Great product to use as a makeup base and perfect to "change flavor" to what our skin is used to "eat" every day.


When we find the right cosmetic treatment for our skin, we really struggle to change it!

But how many times do you feel we do not feel satisfied anymore? The face no longer has the light we wish it had, we feel our skin less fresh and above all we notice (especially in the morning!) that a single night rest is no longer enough to achieve a rested look!

If this happens it means it is about time to change our face cream! For at least one time!

With different stimuli skin reacts and awakens interactions with the outside.


Think about our daily nutrition: if we start eating baked lasagna every day (very good dish!), as well as weight gain, we risk to get a little bit bored and above all we woud provide our body ONLY with the lasagna nutrients! If we change our diet, we guarantee our body with the introduction of all that is needed for its balance and nourishment.

The same principle applies to our skin!


Changing and breaking patterns works well!


Step 3 Basic Comfort contains a SACCARIDIC BASE COMPLETE that regulates skin hydration. This complex binds keratin irreversibly, thus securing water to the skin in a lasting and constant way.


The fantastic effect of JOJOBA EXTRACT present in the formulation, makes your  skin very soft.


The most important element among the components is VITAMIN E which has antioxidant properties and makes our Step 3 Basic Comfort able to destroy free radicals which can take form at skin level.


PHANTENOL, always present and effective in the prevention and treatment of skin irritations, prevents inflammation and redness. Step 3 is therefore a product that can also be used securely on very sensitive skin.


Also present is the HYALURONIC ACID allied in the prevention and treatment of signs of the time.


FIR RESIN, forming a light non-comedogenic protective film, protects skin from harmful external agents.


And to cap it all, the smoothing and regenerating ingredient: SNAIL SLIME, which also cleanses skin from toxins and excesses of various kinds (sebum, microorganisms, powders, etc.).


Step 3 Basic Comfort is the perfect product to complete your daily beauty routine and to change your usual face cream.


But how and when do we use Step 3 Basic Comfort?

Every day as a 24 hour cream, day cream or night cream. You can associate it with all Step 3 Highs (eg Step 3 High Comfort during the day - Step 3 Basic Comfort at night) and, if your skin feels the need, Step 2 Hydra 24 or Step 2 Stem Cells (2 or 3 Step 2 drops used as serum prior to Step 3 Basic Comfort application).

To achieve the highest result, skin should be weekly oxygenated with Step 1 Oxygenating and face skin should be clean every day with Step Daily Cleansing Milk and Step Daily Fresh Lotion.



REMEMBER: choosing the right product at the right time, helps your skin stay healthy!

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