Step 1 Basic oxygenating

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Step 1 Basic oxygenating

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€ 42,00

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This treatment is the result of very high cosmetic technology and its effect guaranteed.
It is a slightly "sticky" gel, which has the characteristic to adhere perfectly to the skin in its corneum stratum (the outer layer) and to act by eliminating the cells that have no longer life, which make our skin dull and the appearance of our skin lifeless.
What Step 1 has, more than the classic weekly cleaning products like scrubs, peels, clay masks etc etc etc?
Step 1 Oxygenating has so much more ... but also something less.
Step 1 includes several components, always of natural origin. In addition to exfoliating and illuminating, it treats the skin already during its use. It is a deeper cleaning product compared to Cleansing Milk and Fresh Toner, and is able to regenerate as well as illuminate.
To better understand the action from the technical point of view, remember that our skin is made in layers: the outer one is called the epidermis and the innermost dermis. In the epidermis there is a layer named GERMINATIVE. This point is where new cells are produced. These cells are slowly pushed more and more outwards and change shape to become flat, ready to be removed permanently from the surface of the skin, as at this stage they are dead. The more our skin will have new cells free from old bonds, the more it will have energy and turgor giving us a young and luminous appearance. It is called Cellular Turnover.
Inside Step 1 Bormoline there are yeasts (Saccharomyces) that act as accelerators of this cellular regeneration, stimulating the oxygenation (therefore the respiration) of new cells.
That's why, after using Step 1, our appearance improves immediately and visibly.
Important ingredients are still the PANTHENOL, that guarantees the prevention of skin irritations and ALPHA BISABOLOL that prevents the penetration of bacteria.
Of importance is also the EXTRACT OF ECHINACEA that gives the Oxygenating Bormoline a repairing and improving effect of small skin imperfections such as small cracks or pimples.
Last but not least is the SNAIL SLIME. It is one of the most recent findings in cosmetic technology. Snail slime has a strongly regenerating effect, that helps that process we have called Cellular Turnover. It even smoothes the less deep wrinkles and gives our face a smoother, brighter and younger look.
Let's go back to the differences. After this detailed study it is quite clear that our Oxygenator is more effective, more complete and that it works much more in depth than the classic peeling, masks or enzymatic cleaning.
We said that it also has something less. Yes, exactly. He lacks those annoying granulea, more or less large, typical of weekly cleaning products, which inevitably irritate even the strongest skins. If instead, the oxygenating agent is applied in the correct way, even a very sensitive skin remains fresh and unaltered.
How and when do we use Step 1 Oxygenating?
A small part of  product is applied to the 5 basic points of the face (forehead, nose, cheeks and chin). Each face has its "minimum quantity". This means: use the right amount for the size of your face, so that it does not result too much (because you would struggle to remove it) or too little (because it would slide with more difficulty under your fingers). Only if you have particularly dry skin can you use a little bit more . In fact, it often happens that our customers call us, asking why they do not have the same effect as the Oxygenator used by their friend, despite having bought the exact same product. It depends on the type of skin. On a dry skin you would need more product, while on a mixed or rich sking only a small quantity will be needed.  The advice is to use it. Applying it constantly,  you will soon become familiar  with the quantity of product to be used on you skin.
Once you have established how much product to apply, it is obviously necessary to apply it  so that it will have effect. Proceed by spreading the product all over your face, which will soon turn out to be shiny and sticky. No worries. This is the right procedure.
Once the product is spread out, you will practically immediately proceed with the removal of the same, obtained by dragging your fingers which need to be dry (very important detail!) with a movement from the inside to the outside of your face. You will feel under your fingers,  small dark crumbs of product that, in the meantime, will become from transparent to a darker color. This  color change depends on Step 1's ability to trap the "dirt" particles that the skin naturally produces or introduces. The fingertips are dragged until the Oxygenator is completely removed from all parts of your face. When you have the "clean" facial feeling, you can proceed with the rinse. This time the choice is one and only, regardless of your skin type: fresh water.
Do not be afraid to use your hands on your skin. Remember that Step 1 is made to be used even on the most sensitive skins, so without worries (but also without overdoing it!), rub on your skin until it comes off.
Then dry your face with a towel and enjoy your new velvety and bright skin!
If your skin is a mixed or oily, use Step 1 a couple of times a week. If instead your skin produces normal quantity of sebum, oxygenate once every 7 days. However, our recommendation is always to "listen" to your skin carefully. In this way will you be able to perceive its real needs and necessities. In practice: if you always had a skin without too many impurities, but suddenly you notice the appearance of it, try to intensify the use of Step 1.
REMEMBER: deep cleaned skin is a freer skin and interacts with more energy at the steps to follow!
Proceed with your next step.
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