Step 2 Basic Hydra 24

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For our skin to be hydrated means to remain in perfect health. If we guarantee this, we will have not only a fresher appearance, but an extra gear in defense against all those external aggressions that would quickly undermine our internal balance.
The skin is an organ (even if we often forget it), and as such it must be preserved and nourished, otherwise it gets sick.
Let's change argument for a moment. Let's talk about clothes: what do we do when they get dirty? We wash them ... And when do they creased? We rearrange them carefully ... And if they rip? We repair them ... Agree? This is because a dress, besides being an element of pure vanity, has always been that which protects us from the outside. It is therefore important that it is above all in good condition.
Let's imagine now that the skin is our primordial dress. If it gets dirty what do we do? And if it gets creased? And if you "rip" it? Do you get it? Water is life. We make our skin strong and healthy, giving it a daily supply of water. We will be sure that the underlying tissues will remain protected and healthy.
Step 2 Basic Hydra 24 Bormoline comes to the rescue, the ideal product to give the skin the right amount of water and minerals.
It is a whey serum not-serum that has a rather light texture but surprisingly moisturizing even on the driest skin. Moisturized at 360 degrees, all types of skin.
It contains a significant amount of HYALURONIC ACID which, thanks to the large size of its molecules, is not absorbed by the skin immediately after application, but forms an invisible and slightly permeable film which retains water like a sponge does. The effect is therefore that the outer layers of our skin are watered and therefore benefit to our appearance, because the more or less deep wrinkles are smoothed by the presence of water.
Another important component is the PROPOLIS that we know to be one of the most precious products of bees, which is a natural antibiotic and has a protective action because it works by eliminating some harmful microorganisms for our skin while respecting the so-called "good" bacterial flora.
AVOCADO OIL present in the formulation of Step 2 Basic Bormoline, protects us from radiations caused by mobile phones, wifi, TV and so on. It is also an excellent emollient.
PANTHENOL is ever-present, to prevent skin irritations.
Also present is the THERMAL ALGAE (see introduction to Basic line), which gives an important contribution in mineral salts, promoting hydration.
Step 2 Basic Hydra 24 is the right product for taking care of our skin's water supply.
How and when to use Step 2 - Hydra 24?
Apply it generously (even 3 or 4 drops) on a dry skin, a little less (2 or 3 drops) on a mixed or rich skin.
Perfect in the weekly combination with Step 1, but ideal for daily use on dehydrated skin. Its ability to retain water for as long as 24 hours, Step 2 Basic Bormoline guarantees a balanced skin.
We use Step 2 Hydra 24 after the deep cleaning of the Detoxifying Oxygen Step 1, on a weekly basis.
If your skin requires daily water, apply Step 2 Hydra 24 in the morning (also as a make-up base) and in the evening, before going to sleep.
After the complete absorption of Step 2 Bormoline, the skin will be soft, relaxed, healthy and luminous. Ready to face the day flawlessly!
REMEMBER: if the skin is hydrated, make-up will be more performant and will be longer lasting.
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