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Our deodorant is the right product with which you can complete your daily personal hygiene routine. Very effective, it has a lasting and balanced effect. It helps maintain a fresh scent in the axillary area and it acts against any bad odors due to bacterial proliferation. Ideal for subjets who suffer from hydrobromide.


Step Body Deo is a winning product because it associates natural active ingredients that act at the basis of the sweat production process.


ACHILLEA EXTRACT makes Step Body Deo an excellent seboregolator and healing product.


FIR RESIN resin protects and it is a very active antiseptic.


SAGE EXTRACT, as well as being purifying, as a stimulating and toning effect on the deep epidermal microcirculation. In this way toxins do not accumulate in the "dark" layers of the tissue.


EQUISETUM EXTRACT elasticates treated part, leaving the skin soft and smooth.


After using Body Step Deo you will feel a sense of comfort and balance in one of the most delicate areas of the body.

There are many sweat glands and lymph nodes in the armpits area. Lymph nodes are joints of the lymph that is nothing more than a liquid resulting from the collection of liquids discarded from the peripheries of the body (mainly blood plasma).

Lymph nodes are members of organelles (lymphocytes) that represent one of the most active parts of our immune system. That is why it is so important to preserve them especially in such a delicate area.

For this reason, Bormoline has chosen to avoid the addition of aluminum to the formulation of Step Body Deo, which is often present in the ingredients of other deodorants. In fact, aluminum (as heavy metal) tends to add weigh to the lymphatic circulation, slowing production of lymphocytes. It also occupies important spaces in the lymphatic circulatory system which, unlike in bloodstream, has much slimmer ducts.


How and when do I use Step Body Deo?

After your cleansing routine or daily shower, apply 1 or 2 sprays of Deo on your axillary area.

Repeat application several times a day, if necessary.


REMEMBER: always carefully wash the part to be treated, if you want to make your product more effective!

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