Step 3 High Comfort

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€ 133,00

Step 3 High Comfort

( 1 review )

€ 133,00

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Step 3 Comfort is a real opportunity for the change of your skin.
A cream with a velvety texture that can be used as a day cream, night cream or 24h cream, following your skin needs.
Step 3 Comfort is the ideal treatment to reactivate the inner mechanisms of our epidermal tissue.
This product contains many precious and natural active ingredients.
HYALURONIC ACID is fundamental together with a SACCHARIDE BASE EXTRACT to ensure lasting and constant hydration to the skin. The first element forms a slightly permeable and invisible film that helps to fix the molecules of water on the surface of the face, the second  fix to the keratin of the skin irreversibly. In this way we will be able to preserve some of the most important characteristics of our epidermis such as youth, elasticity and tone.
ECHINACEA EXTRACT guarantees the improvement of small skin imperfections (cracks, small wounds, slight burns) and strengthens the immune system of the skin allowing the Step 3 Comfort to also have an excellent preventive action on any damage caused by external or internal agents.
A co-protagonist on the prevention and treatment of local inflammations is BORAGEAL OIL which actually improves the clinical course of dermatological diseases such as atopic dermatitis. Its application both on a normal skin and on a skin which easily becomes red, quickly helps calming the inflammatory processes.
The fundamental components that enhance the action of all the ingredients of our Step 3 Comfort are the VEGETAL STEM CELLS (see the High line introduction). Thanks to their precious contribution, the motor of the skin of our face will quickly gear up the higher gears!
It means that the new energy brought by the plant stem cells to our epidermal cells accelerates the time to reach any result, in terms of repair, disinfection, firming, smoothness, hydration and wrinkle fight.
The GINSENG, here is the excellent ally to "wake up" our skin. Ingested as a topical use has the function of energizing giving brightness and tone to the tissues. In addition it helps to fight against premature aging.
Another important component is CALCIUM: we lose traces of this mineral in our skin during our physiological growth. We know that it is essential for our bones and teeth resistance,  but we have to understand why it is also so important for the health of the skin.
Calcium helps our skin stay healthy. It is used in the treatment of sunburn, protects from the harmful effects of the sun (such as redness, rashes, peeling). Taken together with vitamin A, it can help in cases of insect bites and to prevent eczema.
Excellent help in preventing melanomas.
Do not forget AVOCADO OIL, essential for hydration, nourishment and firming. Penetrates deeply into the skin, bringing its very rich nutrients  (vitamins, proteins, antioxidants, minerals).
Relevant, because precious and functional, is the DIAMOND POWDER. A real jewel among the ingredients of Step 3 Comfort. Excellent antioxidant, illuminates the complexion giving light to your face. Its presence makes our Comfort a perfect base for make-up.
After using Step 3 Comfort you will immediately have the sensation of having a new, more dynamic and young skin.
But how and when to use Step 3 Comfort?
Step 3 Comfort is a cream. You can then use it by applying it alone or after a few drops of Step 2 Stem depending on your skin type.
As always, before choosing when to use it, observe, listen and feel the needs of your face.
Depending on the need it can become your 24h cream, day cream or night cream.
Remember: always give your skin new stimuli. It will turn them into a new light!
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